3D Laserscanning goes Interstellar!

It only feels like yesterday that the survey team got their hands on the laser scanner, how excited they were, they all love a new gadget. Although we do have to admit the first time you see the perfect 3D layout that it produces it is amazing.

Well the teams have been busy scanning all over the UK and have surpassed the unbelievable figure of 100 Billion points!!!!

That roughly the same amount of stars in the milky way!

No not that milky way! The one below!

milky way

Its a mind boggling achievement and our hats are off to our┬ádedicated survey geeks!! Although considering one of our laser scans was the largest Car Auction site in the whole of Europe I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Check out that survey by clicking here and to find out more about our laser scanning in general and how it could help you click here.