360 Virtual Visit
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360 Virtual visit

The 360 Virtual Visit has been developed from the feedback we often receive from our clients who spend a huge amount of their valuable time driving around the country visiting sites. The 360 Virtual Visit reduces the requirement to leave the office as we bring the store to you in an easy to use 360 degree walkthrough.


“…With this innovative software you can share the 360 Virtual Visit with customers, stakeholders, colleagues, contractors and other external users using a web based platform anywhere in the world whilst keeping the information confidential and secure…”

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The Benefits of a 360 Virtual tour are :


    • Engage your customers by providing an imersive 3D experience of your offer
    • Brings the store to your office
    • Share with stakeholders, colleagues and external users globally
    • Accurate moment in time of your existing site
    • Easy and intuitive to use
    • Secure
    • Accessible wherever you are
    • Can be updated easily once work has been completed
    • Cost effective


“…RDS can host your 360 Virtual Visit through our secure website which would be password protected to your company, we would be able to supply you with full access to your stores and estates online which you can access via PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and android devices…”


We can also restrict access to external users using time restrictive passwords which allows you to control who can see what for however long.


As well as a photographic tour of your existing estate we can also provide you with a tour of your virtual concept environment, once your 3D model has been built, use the 360 Virtual Visit to fly through your new concept.
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