Topographical & Land Surveys

Our survey teams are trained to use Total Stations and Topographical equipment, this allows our surveyors to offer the benefits below.

 The benefits of RDS’s Topographical Equipment

  • Accurately survey & plot irregular shapes.
  • Accurately measure a building that has angled or curved walls.
  • Level & height data across a site.
  • The positioning of eves, ridges & high level bulkheads.
  • High level elevations.

The main advantage of using a total station is that it enables the surveyor/draftsman to accurately survey & plot irregular shapes.

Although total stations are mainly used by Topographical surveyors to accurately map land & geographic features externally they are particularly useful internally when a building has angled/curved walls & irregular shapes especially when there are no existing plans/drawings of a building or site.

Total stations can be used to provide level & height data across a site this is useful when positioning eves, ridges & high level bulkheads etc.

Other applications are to survey high level elevations which would normally be beyond the surveyors reach without specialist equipment.

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