How 3D Visuals help our clients

Over the last year we have helped more and more of our clients gain the crucial Landlord sign off when presenting a new plan or refurbished layout by creating 3D visuals.

We understand how crucial time is and know how costly delays can be that’s why we are always looking at new technology to help our clients get through the sign off stages and progress the project to completion.

The project below was located in an airport and the visuals were an integral part of our design process allowing the client to demonstrate to key stakeholders the concept and layout, this then moved onto the next stage and gave us the opportunity to show the Landlord what was being proposed before starting onsite.


This ability to show the design in 3D gives a much greater understanding of what is going to be achieved, the feedback we received from the Landlord allowed us to make the changes to the design early in the process and avoided potential costly re-working onsite later in the project timeline.

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We have years of experience in design and retail, our project managers work closely with our surveyors and designers and together using technology they are creating better ways of working that benefit our clients, things such as 3D laser scanning, 360 Virtual Visits, 3D Visuals and animated fly-throughs.

Unit 4-5 Exterior 2

3D Visual


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