Store Planning
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Store Planning

How your customers find and then navigate your store layouts can make or break your brand’s reputation.


We have worked for many years with some of the UK’s top retailers to design and deliver first class store plans in many different formats from convenience to superstores.


“…At RDS we create a great customer journey on the shop floor because we understand the importance of location, format and layout of your store…”


We cover many sectors in store planning including Clothing, Food, DIY, Mobile Communications, Health & Beauty, Footware, Homeware, IT and Technology.
We provide our clients with a complete retail store planning service, once we understand your objectives and aims we get to work planning an effective store concept and layout that will work for you.


“…We cover every level of the design including improving existing schemes that may be failing…”


Once we have decided on your store format, layout and space allocation we work with you to create the complete store concept including all the latest cutting edge ideas and fixture designs.
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