3D Laser scanning
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3D Laser scanning

Our 3D Laser Scanning equipment captures existing site data to incredible detail so all your plans are accurate and up to date.

The scanner captures;


    • Building Structure
    • Floor levels
    • Services
    • Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Refrigeration
    • The entire site is captured in precise detail
    • A 3D Laser scan can be used for number of different projects;
    • Documentation of historical sites
    • Site modeling and layout
    • Quality control
    • Quantity surveys
    • Roadway mapping and re-design
    • Building information modeling (BIM)
    • Establishing a bench mark of pre-existing shape/state in order to detect structural changes


‘If the scanner can see it it will be measured to an accuracy of +-2mm’

The advantages of 3D laser scanning are;


    • With a 3D scan the entire site is captured in precise detail exactly as it can be seen in the real world with your eyes
    • The scan can be uploaded to a web portal and it can be viewed through any web browser
    • All of the scan locations can be clicked on to view them as an interactive 360 degree panoramic view (similar to Google street view)
    • All of the panoramic views are created with precise 3D scan data, with our web portal you get tools to measure whatever you can see!!
    • You can annotate the views for mark up and proposal purposes!
    • the scan data can be used to create accurate 3D Models for Visualisations or BIM

‘If you need to move your project into a BIM environment then a 3D laser scan of your existing site is the perfect start.

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