Commodity & Equipment Surveys
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Commodity & Equipment Surveys

Knowing what’s in your store is a key factor to a successful retail operation; we can survey your existing estate auditing what you have and exactly where it is on the sales floor. Our surveys can pick up existing equipment height, length and depth we can also tell you exactly what is on it bay by bay.

How RDS surveys benefit you;

  • Know exactly & precisely what is in your layout
  • View in a snapshot equipment in your entire estate
  • Optimize your layouts with confidence due to accurate plans


We were asked to undertake a space capture project for a large retailer in the UK, following the successful delivery of over 500 stores our client had enough information to re-balance their existing space and increase sales in some stores by up to 6.2%, they were also able to put measures in place to stop changes from happening without authorization from head office.

We can create the audit or survey in a traditional 2D cad format with spreadsheet data or even full 3D enabling you to view the commodity or equipment from any angle.

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