Space Re-balance

RDS has helped EE on multiple projects with the re-balance of their store space, this was a crucial part of store planning when their brands Orange and T-mobile merged.

We helped survey their existing estate and establish an accurate digital record of their existing stores.

ee case study plan

Once all the existing equipment was recorded we were able to re-balance and re-lay their stores.

We have worked on a number of new promotional initiatives and large roll out projects which involved creating new areas within the existing layout to allow new promotional equipment to work with the existing layout and customer flow.

EE Store Front


We were asked to create 3D visuals to help with the new EE brand, the 3D visuals and animated walkthrough were used to help the key stakeholders see the visual impact the new layout and brand would have. The 3D was also used on awkward shaped layouts where vision from a customer point of view was crucial to understand, once we could see from every angle we could maximise product placement and then demonstrate this in high definition renders presented to the client.


Our team has extensive knowledge of retail planning and used these and other skills to ensure the customer journey was always considered and promotional impact was maximized, again with the use of our accurately surveyed and up to date digital plans across the estate successful new layouts were achieved with great success.

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