Information Exchange

Information Exchange

At RDS ‘Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) play a big part in implementing our CDE solutions and workflows.

There are so many different technologies that can be used within a single workflow, if you follow ISO it expects a CDE is provided and managed by the appointing party (or a third party acting on their behalf), this is for the management of all information containers, that includes models or plans that are developed and exchanged throughout the life of the project. This is referred to in ISO’s as the ‘Project CDE’

However here at RDS we often implement our own CDE for our clients to adopt and use as their own.

So what does our CDE look like? How does it behave? Lets briefly explain….

Our solution is browser based and therefore requires no specialist software (just an internet connection) this enables you to access your files anywhere in the world!

We have document management tools for Design Files, BIM Models, Construction Documents and more ensuring that information is carefully planned, shared, stored, managed and retrieved.

CDE Document View

There are various components of our CDE, some of the most important parts are:

• Information States – giving documents levels of sign off or development.
• Classification of information containers – this is about inserting or embedding specific data that our clients require in CAD, BIM or Construction Documentation.
• Revision control – ensuring that only the latest Model, Plan or Document is used.
• Permitted use of information – only allowing the correct people to see or edit specific Models, Plans or Documents.

CDE 3D view

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